Case Studies - Rail Systems

Improve on-site car inventory accuracy

Automate rail scale process

Improve control of inbound car flow

Eliminate costly product shipment errors

Eliminate erroneous shipping and demurrage costs

Reduce demurrage costs

Improve car inventory control

Eliminate car unloading errors and associated product contamination risks

Reconcile cars received against cars ordered to facilitate payment process and documentation of exceptions

Scale Automation. Replacement of existing Wavenet system

Utilize fixed and portable AEI reader to automate the process of capturing car numbers for inbound/outbound rail traffic and for loading/unloading

Use of mulitple fixed AEI readers and Rail Logger to monitor and manage rail network

Use electronic systems to replace paper and spreadsheet tools which were inadequate for managing yard inventory

Replace paper recordkeeping system for railcar inspections

Delays in processing rail scale weights required cars to be pulled from storage and re-weighed, causing extra switching work and delaying shipment to customers

Integrate handheld railcar readers with SAP Rail module