Rail Products Overview

EI System's products have been bringing sophisticated rail yard management to the web for over ten years. We offer industrial-grade products with a bullet-proofed design. Whether your needs include rail yard consultation, custom application development, or support, you can be assured that EI Systems will deliver quality products meeting today's rigorous specifications at an incredible value.

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Rail Manager® is a sophisticated web-based Yard inventory system. The system provides railcar tracking, switching, track assignment, loading/unloading information and a complete historical record of all activities. Rail Manager® identifies, in real time, the location of each railcar on a graphical map of the yard. Performance monitoring, productivity enhancement and a multitude of reporting functions are included. Rail Manager®

Rail Logger® provides a flexible solution that allows railroads and rail yard operators to obtain AEI data from all makes of stationary railcar readers. Rail Logger® can be configured to send data to ftp site, fax, email, or import to database. Generates detailed reports of car arrivals and departures with real time timestamps. Provides periodic system health status report to minimize maintenance and maximize on-line operation. Rail Logger®

Rail Mobile , designed to operate on a variety of handheld computers, enables automated data collection of railcar identification, location and status. Allows quick and error-proof collection of railcar data for tracking, monitoring, and inventory control. Rail Mobile®

Rail Inspect® : Operating on a handheld mobile computer equipped with an AEI railcar scanner, Rail Inspect® provides the user with an updated electronic checklist and effectively automates the capture, reporting and analysis of railcar inspection data. Applications include carwash, pre and post-load inspections and car loading records. Built-in barcode scanner also allows electronic documentation of seal numbers. Rail Inspect®

Rail Scale: A software system for use in managing information related to the weighing of rail equipment. The system automatically captures car number, car data and scale weight. It provides fully automated calculations, fully electronic records, an interface to client systems, and enables weight validation and overload alerts. Rail Scale

Rail Transload: Deployed on a handheld mobile computer equipped with both AEI railcar scanner and standard barcode scanner, allows users to electronically document transload activities and, for dry bulk and liquid transloads, provides a means for electronically verifying that the proper trailer is attached to the proper railcar. Rail Transload